Area-I’s PTERA UAS finished it’s second round of flight testing at Heart of Georgia Regional Airport in Eastman, GA. The flight tests are sponsored by NASA and are aided by a strategic partnership with Middle Georgia State College and their aviation campus. PTERA flew its first series of flight tests in July 2012 for the purpose of proving PTERA’s airworthiness. This recent series of flight testing subjected PTERA to high speed tests, aerodynamic maneuvers, and stall tests to validate the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft.

PTERA, which stands for Prototype Technology Evaluation Research Aircraft, is intended to be a modular, low-risk, and low-cost platform to test next-gen aerodynamic treatments, control systems, and other technologies. By providing an affordable and accessible means to flight test new and advantageous technologies while also providing baseline data for comparison and analysis, PTERA is poised to make its mark in both the unmanned and manned aircraft communities.

While AREA-I was performing flight tests, several local media outlets came to cover the flights and talk to Area-I personnel. Posted below are the various stories.