Auto Route Generation


Multi-Vehicle Mission Coordination


Aircraft & Obstacle Avoidance


Single-Operator Workload

Resource Allocation for Multi-Agent Planning (ReMAP)

Area-I’s ReMAP autonomy system is built around the notion that modern operators are task saturated and should be focused on acting on mission information, not hand-jamming waypoints. ReMAP is a mission-centric autonomy system that allows operators to control many unmanned systems by allowing them to easily define complex mission goals, and allowing the aircraft to manage those mission goals by:

  • Selecting tasks
  • Automatically generating routes
  • Avoiding each other, obstacles, keep out zones
  • Acting on sensor feedback
  • Avoiding manned aircraft

ReMAP is a flight-proven and ready technology: recently, the system was used to allow an operator to control four ALTIUS aircraft while airborne aboard a UH-60 Blackhawk.

The ReMAP system will also be employed in the Summer of 2020 by NOAA to enable complex ALTIUS hurricane-hunting missions from aboard NOAAs P-3 aircraft.

The ReMAP framework is vehicle agnostic, but its benefits to Area-I ALTIUS aircraft are significant. As an organic, on-demand UAS, it is vital that ALTIUS is able to reduce its burden on the already-tasked crew while enabling teamed behaviors that improve mission success.